Welcome to St. Paul’s on-the-Hill’s virtual home.

We are Episcopalians on-the-loose!

We are an affirming and inclusive community of faith committed to walking in love with our community. Right now, that means we have given up our church building to provide affordable housing for seniors on our Senseny Road property.

Though we no longer have a church building, we are still worshipping, serving our neighbors, learning about our faith, and enjoying our time together on Zoom meeting, and in-person at a local hotel.

We are exploring what comes next!

We invite you to become

  • Breaking New Ground
    It’s been a painful experience for the congregation to see our building become a shell and finally, bulldozed. Yet, even though our building is no more, we are still a vibrant, worshipping community using temporary space and online worship. And we are so pleased to leave an enduring legacy in this community, Senseny Place, a […]